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VAASTVAAST (Variant Annotation, Analysis, and Search Tool) is a probabilistic search tool for identifying damaged genes and their disease-causing variants in personal genome sequences. VAAST builds upon existing amino acid substitution (AAS) and aggregative approaches to variant prioritization, combining elements of both into a single unified likelihood-framework that allows users to identify damaged genes and deleterious variants with greater accuracy, and in an easy-to-use fashion. VAAST can score both coding and non-coding variants, evaluating the cumulative impact of both types of variants simultaneously. VAAST can identify rare variants causing rare genetic diseases, and it can also use both rare and common variants to identify genes responsible for common diseases. VAAST thus has a much greater scope of use than any existing methodology.

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VAAST was developed as a collaboration between the Yandell Lab at the University of Utah and Omicia, Inc. of Emeryville, CA. The University of Utah freely licenses VAAST for academic research use. For commercial, clinical and all other uses, please contact Martin Reese of Omicia, Inc.

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