Translational Psychiatry has accepted for publication our paper "Genetic Risk Factors in two Utah Pedigrees at High Risk for Suicide." First author Hilary Coon, Ph.D. will be presenting this paper as a poster at ASHG 2013 in Boston.

We recently had a paper accepted for publication by and presentation at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, as hosted by Stanford University. The accepted paper and resulting talk is entitled "Detecting statistical interaction between somatic mutational events and germline variation from next-generation sequence data," and here is a copy of the abstract:

Genetic Epidemiology recently published our new paper focusing on recent improvements made to the VAAST software.

VAAST 2.0: Improved Variant Classification and Disease-Gene Identification Using a Conservation-Controlled Amino Acid Substitution Matrix

More information and a downloadable PDF can be found here.