ERSA 2.0 and SGI

ERSA (Estimation of Recent Shared Ancestry) 2.0 has been released and is now available for registration and download. ERSA 2.0 introduces new methods to identify and mask genomic regions with excess IBD information in whole-genome sequencing data and introduces improvements to increase relationship detection accuracy for full sibling, avuncular, and direct ancestor-descendant relationships and to provide support for detecting consanguinity.

Hao Hu, Chad D. Huff: Detecting statistical interaction between somatic mutational events and germline variation from next-generation sequence data. In: Pac Symp Biocomput, pp. 51–62, 2014.

SGI (Somatic-Germline Interaction) was presented at PSB 2014 in January and is now freely-available for academic use. SGI is a software package designed to identify statistical interaction between germline variants and somatic mutational events from next-generation sequence data.

Hong Li, Gustavo Glusman, Hao Hu, Shankaracharya, Juan Caballero, Robert Hubley, David Witherspoon, Stephen L. Guthery, Denise E. Mauldin, Lynn B. Jorde, Leroy Hood, Jared C. Roach, Chad D. Huff: Relationship Estimation from Whole-Genome Sequence Data. In: PLoS Genet, 10 (1), 2014.