The Huff lab and friends got together to celebrate the recent marriage of Hao Hu and Jing Xie. The party included Sichuan fare from Mala Bistro, a two-tiered wedding cake, and lots of friends! Thank you to everyone that came out to share their joy with the happy couple!

Click here for more photos from the party!

The Huff lab is happy to announce the advanced online publication of "A genetic mechanism for Tibetan high-altitude adaptation" in the journal Nature Genetics.

Felipe R Lorenzo, Chad Huff, Mikko Myllymäki, Benjamin Olenchock, Sabina Swierczek1, Tsewang Tashi, Victor Gordeuk, Tana Wuren, Ge Ri-Li, Donald A McClain, Tahsin M Khan, Parvaiz A Koul, Prasenjit Guchhait, Mohamed E Salama, Jinchuan Xing, Gregg L Semenza, Ella Liberzon, Andrew Wilson, Tatum S Simonson, Lynn B Jorde, William G Kaelin Jr, Peppi Koivunen, Josef T Prchal: A genetic mechanism for Tibetan high-altitude adaptation. In: Nature Genetics, 2014.

This paper provides strong functional evidence that two nonsynonymous variants are responsible for high-altitude adaptation at the EGLN1 locus in Tibet. To our knowledge, this is the only example of a polymorphic coadapted gene complex in a human population. (If anyone knows of other examples, please let us know!)